Most people have a cynical outlook of humanity, and with good reason. All the robberies in the paper, drug busts and such have discouraged upstanding citizens from expecting integrity in others. However, there is a ray of hope.

My fiancée’s son recently dropped his brand new iPhone 5c on the sidewalk while carrying some laundry for his mom. The downstairs neighbor saw a white van stop, a man walk over to the sidewalk and pick up the iPhone, then drive off. This was the 10-year-old’s first phone, so his devastation was profound. He thought surely he would never see it again.

His mom called the phone’s number, and to her surprise, someone actually answered it. The man was at Home Depot getting some stuff, and told her he would be by in 15 minutes to return it. Just a little more than 15 minutes later, the white van stopped at her apartment house, and the man returned the phone. He then drove off without asking for any compensation.

The $350 cost of the phone is irrelevant, but the value of knowing there are honest people still in the world is priceless. It is a welcome surprise to see people out there with the values that I try to instill in my future son’s life. My organization,, is dedicated to educating and encouraging people to perform selfless acts of kindness.

The experience with his phone has reinforced the lessons that his mom and I are trying to teach him: One honest person really can make the world a better place.

I want to thank the unknown good man who returned a boy’s phone. He is making the world a better place. I encourage all that read this letter to do the same.

Roger Mackbach



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