David Mills (letter, “Bible isn’t a particularly good manual for marriage,” July 12) asks what the connection is between sex and God.

I believe the connection is basic and all-important: God, as the designer and maker of our bodies, has right of ownership over them and our very selves. God therefore gets to set the boundaries for sex, as well as the many other things humans do with their bodies.

God established one man-one woman marriage with Adam and Eve, who were, in fact, married, contrary to Mills’ assertion. Homosexual marriage is a rebellion against God’s design, which Christians cannot support in any way.

Homosexual activity is condemned in many places in the Bible. Heterosexual marriage is upheld as good, along with celibate singleness. When Mills cites examples of people in the Bible disobeying God, it’s because God provides us with good and bad examples of sexual behavior, without whitewashing sin, for our learning.

To say that churches maintain Biblical standards for sexual behavior in order to inflict guilt and maintain authority over people is a shallow and incorrect analysis.

Deborah Fellows

West Gardiner

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