During the past 40 years, nine of our last 11 governors have been elected with less than 50 percent of the vote because three or more candidates decided to run for office in each of those elections. In many of those races, the “spoiler effect” became the dominant theme.

Ranked-choice voting is needed because if more than two candidates run for the same office our current voting system is unfair and undemocratic. For example, if in a three-way race 60 percent of the people don’t like one candidate but like the other two, the vote can be split between the two well-liked candidates, and the candidate that 60 percent of the people don’t like can win by default.

With ranked-choice voting this wouldn’t happen because the will of the majority is never defeated by the will of a minority percentage of Maine voters. By ranking the candidates, voters can support their favorite candidate without fear of splitting the vote and electing their least-favorite candidate. Ranked-choice voting returns power to the voters by eliminating the “spoiler effect.” It’s a system we need in Maine and in the country.

For more information on how ranked-choice voting works, why we need it and how people can get involved in this important movement, check out www.fairvotemaine.org.

Deek Crowley


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