It is good that bullying is no longer ignored or tolerated in school, but outside school is a different world.

In a tradition older than “Fiddler on the Roof,” the gun lobby came to Augusta, huffed and puffed and once more got its way.

The media that deplore school bullying reward an adult official who is able to bully his way onto the front page by saying something outrageous.

On every street and road, kids hear grown-up boys on adult toys making noise like backfiring baked beans. The police don’t arrest these motorcycle boys, and on “Toy Day” police escort them.

Every highway is crowded with pickup trucks whose biggest load is the ego of their driver. They roar past posted speeds, their lawbreaking visible to everyone but those whose job it is to enforce them.

Telling children to stop bullying in school is good.

Showing them by stopping it in the outside “adult” world is even better.

George Hunt


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