I read with interest the July 20 article, “Checks eyed on firearms purchases by SS recipients,” in which President Barack Obama calls for banning people who have trouble controlling their spending from owning weapons.

If applied to all, the U.S. government and many state and local governments would have to give up their weapons, since they all have underfunded pension or other forms of underfunded retirement liabilities, to name just one problem area.

This restriction also would stop things like Operation Fast and Furious, police violence.

Maybe Halliburton and Blackwater could be hired until the governments got their fiscal house in order. If the policy became international, world disarmament might occur overnight, as I think the Swiss and Saudis might be the only governments that aren’t running on revolving credit.

This notion might get Obama a second Nobel Peace Prize — followed closely by general chaos.

Tom Heyns


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