I read recently where the city of Augusta is debating the merits of a historic district on the west side of the city. Having grown up in that area, I remember the stately homes along Western Avenue, Green Street, Winthrop Street, etc.

While I get back to Augusta infrequently, it’s disappointing to see what appears to be a lack of planning and foresight in this part of the city. The commercialization and loss of some of the beautiful homes is sad. While there’s a valid argument about too much government overreach into the rights of property owners, there’s an equally valid argument for historic preservation and maintaining the city’s character.

My own city, DeLand, Florida, has a beautiful historic district. While property owners within our district do face additional requirements for structural changes, and perhaps increased costs, they recoup those costs through increased property values. To me, Hallowell has done a much better job of neighborhood preservation than has Augusta.

Dave Byron

DeLand, Fla.

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