It is very nice to see the new street signs being put up around Augusta. With large lettering and clear design, they surely will help many, many visitors.

Some of those signs, however, are placed incorrectly, such as Purinton Avenue and Anthony Avenue, that it is possible to miss the street as the name may not be easily visible. This needs to be corrected and would greatly assist unfamiliar people to navigate the the city.

I do have problems with the signs on state highways. A sign at the junction of Route 3 East and Bangor Street pointing to Camden/Rockland gives incorrect mileage. I called people in the highway department several years ago, and they assured me it would be fixed.

A sign on Interstate 95 South between exits 112 and 113 tells travelers to take Interstate 295 South for Portland downtown. Does someone in the highway department feel so bad for Portland — the largest city in the state— that it needs more prominence in the capital city? There are many other centers of high culture on I-95 that do not get such exposure on the highway.

Also, there is but one veterans hospital in the state of Maine, but there are no directional or informational signs on either I-95 or I-295 to help the veterans and their families.

And there is only one general hospital (MaineGeneral Medical Center) in an almost 1,000-square-mile area, but sadly there are only a few directional signs for unfamiliar visitors to follow. The signs ought to be very clear, more and unambiguous, as recently some of my friends coming from south found a bit confusing to get off exit 113. Can the city, state and federal governments work together to fix these wrong, misplaced or missing signs on Maine highways?

Nikhil Pathak


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