Learning that someone else seems to agree with me, and a host of others if my friends are to be believed, I find things to be rather good after reading the July 18 letter (“Wishes ‘Bizarro’ would disappear from comics page”) from Cheryl Harrington, regarding “Bizarro.”

I find “Bizarro” to be the worst example of a cartoon I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to read, and I’ve read a lot of cartoons in my nearly 85 years. Along with “Bizarro,” I count “Phoebe & Her Unicorn” as a cartoon I now no longer waste time reading. It is simply stupid and has no redeeming value, like “Bizarro.” Even intelligent children seem to find it thus.

You would do your readers a definite service to refuse to publish both cartoons, without regard to any contractual arrangement you might have. You may lose many more readers who will cancel subscriptions if you do not.

I want to thank Harrington for her letter.

Gene McKay


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