The Strawberry Pageant Coronation was held July 26 at the Pittston Fair. 2015 Maine Strawberry Queen is Hunter Norris, of West Gardiner; Strawberry Queen runner up went to Alexis Bonenfant, of Vassalboro; 2015 Maine Strawberry Princess is Shelby Skipper, of Pittston; Strawberry Princess runner up went to Kyla Driscoll; of Pittston; 2015 Maine Strawberry Blossom is Brynnlea Chaisson, of Pittston; Strawberry Blossom runner up went to Anna Reay, of Readfield; and Miss Congeniality is Raelyn Spencer, of West Gardiner.

Nineteen contestants participated in the three categories. Blossoms are 5-7 year olds, Princess’ are 10-13 year olds and Queens are 16-20. The trio will make appearances at many different agricultural fairs and events this year. Those interested in next years pageant can call Liz Chaisson at 446-1262.

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