Seven months of nonsense, are we closer to the truth?

The NFL seems to want a penalty paid in blood

So much time spent on the inflation of balls

Before we ever consider talking about the game

Each day brings more unanswered questions

Each day brings another pack of lies

This blew up in January with correctable lies

Misinformation passed from the league as truth

Now Patriots fans howl for ESPN’s blood

For the damning initial report over balls

It was wrong, but the shadow over the game

Grew and led to many more questions

Other decisions raise many more questions

I ask where Roger Goodell’s heart lies

Two games for Ray Rice, where is the truth

Greg Hardy gets four, his hands steeped in blood

Brady gets four, for maybe knowing about balls?

NFL punishment comes off like a random game

September 10, the Patriots opening game

Brady or Garoppolo is one of the questions

To be filtered from among all the lies

Hidden in procedural reeds is the truth

Hard to find and as precious as blood

Lawyers make their case like clowns juggling balls

This was never about the inflation of balls

It’s been Goodell asserting his control of the game

Every decision was met with nothing but questions

And the NFL felt it was caught up in lies

Invent a scandal and sideswipe the truth

And hope the crowd no longer calls for your blood

Brady has paid for this “crime” with his blood

Reputation smeared over a handful of balls

One of the all-time greats of this game

A career reduced over a handful of questions

A league reduced to whispering lies

Because it didn’t like when it saw the truth

Spilling of legal blood over these questions

We inch closer to games and new rules over balls

Expect more rumors and lies, and hope for some truth.

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

[email protected]

Twitter: @TLazarczykMTM

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