It does not surprise me that the media support the mass disposal of unborn babies and the use of our tax dollars to support this. I still wonder how many great minds have been destroyed; only God knows.

But I will not argue abortion anymore. My view now is that women can go ahead and have an abortion; all I ask is that they not use my share of the people’s money to fund them.

Now I will tell you why I gave up trying to talk to pro-choice types. It is because of a lesson in life early on while growing up on a family farm.

Back when I was 5 years old (55 years ago), we had a black tom cat that liked to walk under the cows while they were tied up in the barn. One early morning, I was out and about in the barn and found that black tom laying flat as a pancake under a big old Holstein. I was taken aback some, looking at “the flat black cat.” So I took off at a run to find my grandfather.

When we got back to the dead cat, Gramp shrugged his shoulders, shoveled him up and then threw him on the manure pile. As I looked at the dead cat in the crap pile, I suddenly realized that’s all a barn cat’s life was worth on a farm. Farm cats come and go.

The dead cat is the reason I stopped trying to get my point across about abortion. I just woke up one day and realized that, to many people out there, an unborn child is as useless as a dead “flat back cat” — unless the unborn child is being harvested for its body parts.

Ron Cota


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