How pathetic and ungrateful J.P.Devine is as evidenced in his column, “Another option for the afterlife,” on July 25. He got a good education in a Catholic school and still degrades the Catholic Church.

I enjoy Devine’s movie reviews, but I think he should stick to movies.

I know Devine’s gods are movie stars, but Christ said, “You’re either with me or against me.” Christ chose 12 apostles and one, Judas, betrayed him to show the weakness of man. Which is he?

The papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, with Pope Francis now leading 1.2 billion Catholics, has managed to have survived other kingdoms in history. No other institution can claim to have withstood Attila the Hun, the Hapsburgs, the Ottoman Turks, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Josef Stalin. Atheistic communism has killed 305 million people since 1917.

The Catholic Church is the first to respond, along with the Red Cross, when there is a catastrophe in the world.

The church teaches that whatever one believes in his or her heart and lives a life of “love” goes to Heaven, either by baptism of water, fire (giving up your life trying to save someone else’s) or desire. We are all God’s children. One doesn’t have to make fun of another person’s belief. That is ignorant and disrespectful.

I believe that a person of faith is less likely to commit crimes and more likely to lead a good life.

Ray L. Cyr

Winslow and Ormond Beach, Fla.

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