I’ve been closely watching the news about the toxic mine waste that escaped containment the last few days.

All I hear in every story is how the Environmental Protection Agency is to blame for the leak. Apparently, the EPA was excavating around the containment berm.

I would presume this excavation was to look for the leaching of toxic waste into the surrounding soil. Apparently, there was so much pressure from the mine waste (along with contaminants) that the toxic material burst through the undermined containment wall.

Now more than 100 miles of river has been contaminated. Judging from the sludge already accumulated at the bottom of the river, it could be many years before the water has cleared enough for safe consumption.

Everyone seems intent on blaming the EPA, but I’ve not heard one word about the mining company that created these millions of gallons of waste in the first place. How is it that those who create all these hazards escape responsibility for their actions every time?

Peter P. Sirois


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