Say what you will about it, and too many have already said too much, the Bible’s book of Revelation is, unmistakably, a literary masterpiece.

The imagery of it, of gods who spit out double-edged swords, of stars and lampstands, of the red, black, white and transparent horses and riders, and so on, still speaks to us, something like 1,900 years after the document apparently was written.

With today’s technology, it would only be a matter of money to create and weaponize any or all of these monstrosities. The role of the Babylonian Professional Woman already is being capably portrayed by corporate media.

But the apocalyptic prediction, that End Times events will somehow trigger mass conversions among Jewish people, is a laughable overreach. Honestly, such a thing is beyond any God.

In view of our evangelical Protestant “friends” fanatical support for Israel being all about this never-gonna-happen future, it’s appropriate to ask, “What fate will befall those who refuse to convert?” And perhaps to add, “You’re planning to kill us, aren’t you?”

Willingness to accept, verily to seek out, “allies” like these, speaks to an unwarranted, paranoid desperation, which is no longer serving anyone well.

So it’s really disturbing to see the Chuck Schumers and Steve Israels — no profiles in courage here — aligning themselves with congressional Republicans in opposing the Iran nuclear weapons/sanctions relief deal, which is the world’s humble, fervent plea to American, Israeli and Iranian hardliners, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

And Israel’s Likudim regime counters with, “Let’s you and him fight. I’ll even hold your coat.” To oppose this agreement is also to want war, as many opponents will admit.

But they still don’t know it would be a disaster.

James Silin


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