During a recent radio interview, Gov. Paul LePage was asked if he was worried about an impeachment procedure. He replied, “If the people of Maine want me, I’ll do the job. If they don’t want me, just ask me to leave. You don’t have to impeach me. … So far, I’ve only got four people write me that wanted me to resign.”

The governor is inviting Mainers to vote him in or out — a vote of confidence, if you will, and says he’ll abide by the majority’s wishes. To contact the governor, visit the citizen services section of his website (www.maine.gov/governor/lepage).

In my own letter to the governor, putting aside all politics and personalities, I said the stark reality of his administration is that he is one of the most ineffective governors this state has ever had, and that his confrontational, divisive approach to governing has rendered him incapable of accomplishing anything productive.

To exemplify, I said that after nearly five years under his administration, Maine still lags behind most of the country in economic growth, and equally important, with respect to overall morale, the state is below zero. I said Maine deserves better, and he knows it.

I pointed out that, in two elections, a majority of voters made it clear they preferred someone else as governor, but flawed politics still got him elected. I also noted that he’s even alienated his own party at this point.

I finished by saying it was unfortunate the Maine Constitution doesn’t allow for a recall vote, but that since he did open the door to leaving office if the people of Maine asked him to do so, I would take him up on his offer, and asked him to accept my letter as the fifth request for his resignation. I asked him to do the right thing and what is best for Maine.

Paul Schlein


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