Gov. Paul LePage reportedly said, “If the people of Maine want me, I’ll do the job. If they don’t want me, just ask me to leave. You don’t have to impeach me.”

So in accordance with his request, I am asking him to leave.

Over the last few years, his bombastic manner has reduced rather than induced government functionality. His inability to gain support for his agenda has indicated an unwillingness to collaborate with others to achieve a successful outcome.

LePage’s lack of vision for making Maine a leader in renewal energy has caused the loss of millions in investment in Maine’s economy. Faced with radical climate change, renewable energy investment has not been of the highest priority.

He has wasted millions of dollars over the last few years and rejected millions more for Medicaid that would have circulated in Maine’s economy. That has helped put us last economically in New England.

And likely of most importance for the elderly, property taxes in Maine have increased directly because of reductions in revenue sharing. The loss in millions in revenue sharing has had negative impacts on school budgets, showing that value of education is of little importance in his administration.

I appreciate the opportunity to voice my rejection of his performance as governor of Maine.

Jimmy D. Chiddix


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