The Indian activists’ protest at Skowhegan’s Riverfest was a flop. Hardly anyone visited their booth. The “dozens of supporters,” “dancers” and “drummers” promised by Maulian Smith never showed up.

Of course, the one-sided newspaper article the next day still promoted the Indian protest as if it were a success, and then the following day wrote a sensationalized article about a “threat” to burn down the wooden Indian statue, even intimating the “threat” was made by a supporter of keeping the school’s Indian mascot.

As it turns out, there was no crime, but thanks to the newspaper, just a waste of tax dollars on an investigation.

Many Skowhegan residents with Indian ancestry approve of keeping the name, but apparently Maulian Smith, Barry Dana, Ed Rice and the rest of their Indian activist group think they are special and have the right to bully fellow Indian ancestors as to how to think. How do they expect anybody to listen to their views when they constantly call us racists and ignorant, and mislead and lie, and barrage us with other inflammatory rhetoric? It is time to put this to rest.

Michael Turner


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