Deny…Deny….Deny! This continues to be the mantra of the mass media concerning Planned Parenthood’s now well-known practice of “procuring” and selling infant baby parts.

The media’s defense of this cold-blooded assault on innocent human life is foisted upon an incredulous public by not only the spoken and written word, but now in cartoon form as well (Aug. 23). (My goodness, what an “unmitigated calamity” if Planned Parenthood were to be defunded!) What a crock!

This cartoon might also serve as a diversionary tactic to effectively desensitize and get people to ignore the actual brutality of what is happening to these babies.

However, this total callousness toward life should not surprise us. All we have to do is go back to the roots of Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger. Her writings, philosophy and scientific racism were akin to the eugenic thinking found in Nazi Germany.

In spite of this, defenders of Margaret Sanger downplay these dark beginnings of Planned Parenthood, saying it was a long time ago and isn’t the practice now. On the contrary, in view of documented videos, I would maintain that her legacy appears to be alive and well in Planned Parenthood today.

Pat Truman


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