Maine is in the headlines nearly every week. People laughed when our governor said women might grow little beards. They were shocked when he made sexual references about a member of the Legislature. They were surprised when he was re-elected. They shook their heads when he vowed to veto every bill put forth by a Democrat.

And eventually they wondered “what took you so long” when the investigations into the legality of some of his conduct began.

Maine’s long tradition of independent thought, hard work and support of friends and neighbors in the community has been eclipsed little by little because of the on-going three-ring circus led by Gov. Paul LePage and his cronies.

It used to be that when we were out of state and said we were from Maine, we’d hear about the great visit someone had to our state. We might have heard someone say, “Oh, I hear Maine is lovely, I’ve always wanted to visit.”

Try it now. The first thing we hear is, “How do you people manage with that governor?”

Well, in fact, we are managing, but just barely. Our governor has alienated just about everyone he can alienate. He’s placed underqualified pals in positions of power so that many of Maine’s state departments are being run poorly, important rules protecting the environment, education, health and human services, economic and community development, and our public utilities are being gutted.


Yes, it’s great that our Legislature rose above the games and posturing to pass a veto-proof, bipartisan budget that supports all Mainers, but the battles most will likely continue.

Our governor capitalized on dissatisfaction and fear to get re-elected, and now has set his sights on destroying Maine from within.

Carl Pease


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