My wife and I are disappointed in the Kennebec County district attorney, Maeghan Maloney.

Before she was elected one of her issues was greater sensitivity to victims of crimes, and we voted for her twice. In the last few months, however, we have had the opposite experience with her office — an insensitivity to victims.

In June, my wife and I were attacked by a vicious dog and I was injured, falling down as the dog rushed toward me, snarling and snapping. I have had a thousand dollars in medical expenses and months of suffering.

We called the animal control officer, and the owner was summonsed for owning a dangerous dog. We were informed that the hearing would be in August.

But when I contacted the animal control officer early in August to make sure that I was at the hearing, he told me that the district attorney had declined prosecution.

I called the DA’s office to discuss the matter, and received a voicemail message defending the action. But when I called back, saying that I needed to discuss the case because it sounded like the office had dropped the case because someone got the facts wrong, no one called back, despite repeated messages.

My wife and I are outraged that the case was dropped without informing us or doing us the courtesy of letting us discuss the decision. This kind of insensitivity is what makes people cynical about the whole criminal justice system.

All we asked from the DA’s office was an opportunity to talk over the matter, and we are hurt that we didn’t get that.

Meanwhile the dog, which, according to neighbors, has attacked others, is still with its owner, who has yet to be held responsible for his lack of supervision of his animal.

David Doreau


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