Maine’s bipartisan Legislature worked together to create a budget that was a win for all Mainers.

It puts more money in the pockets of working families and invests in our economic future; grows good jobs and strong wages by investing in our students, workers and our businesses; helps seniors stay in their homes and live independently; rejects the unfunded tax breaks for the wealthy that would have crippled education funding; rejects the failed concept of trickle-down economics; and most importantly, says “no” to obstruction, government shutdowns and party politics.

The budget is better for all of us. Well, almost all of us. One Mainer was sure the budget wasn’t for him. Our governor, who speaks so frequently about rising up and succeeding, failed to join in the bipartisan process, misrepresented the facts surrounding the creation of the budget, ignored months of public discussion about each budget line, and revealed a lack of leadership in nearly every area of governance. In the end, he just whined.

It’s sad that we need to move forward during the next three years without much hope of support and leadership of the governor, but Mainers proved once again that, when there’s a job to be done, we work together to solve problems through leadership and compromise.

Thanks to the hard-working legislators of both parties for stepping up and delivering a veto-proof budget that helps all Maine people.

There’s more hard work to do, but only by working together can we make Maine even better.

Kevin Lamoreau


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