My deepest sympathy for the woman and her family who was shot by a person who bought a firearm at a sale without background checks.

Speaking from personal experience, my first felony was when I stole my parents checkbook back in 1970 and forged some of the checks. I also was arrested in ’73 for armed robbery and again in ’78, which was the second time I went to Thomaston State Prison. I was under the influence of drugs and alcohol both times.

I still found firearms even if I had a felony.

Today I’m 62 and haven’t had a drink or a drug for nine years. Thanks to a free 12-step program, which can fix any addiction, but only if you want if fixed. Prohibition didn’t stop booze back in the ’30s, and methadone and the National Guard won’t stop heroin addiction today.

Andre Beaudoin


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