An editorial cartoon was published in the newspaper on Aug. 21. It stated that diplomats, generals and scientists are for the Iran nuclear deal and that war is the only alternative to the deal. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Among diplomats, Ambassador Dennis Ross, long time U.S. Mideast negotiator and author; Aaron David Miller, former adviser to six secretaries of state on Arab-Israeli negotiations: and Ambassador Prince Bandor bin Sultan, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, all have spoken out in public against the deal.

Among generals, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; retired Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Adm. James Stavrides, former NATO supreme allied commander; retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency; Adm. James Lyons, former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; and Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, who served three combat tours in Iraq, including serving as senior operations officer during the surge, all have spoken out in public against the deal.

And among scientists, David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security; Olli Heinonen, former deputy director for safeguards at the International Atomic Energy Agency; and Michael Singh, Lane-Swig Senior Fellow and managing director at the Washington Institute, all have spoken out in public against the deal.

And many people, too numerous to mention, have stated that war is not an option.

Yale Marienhoff


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