MADISON — The new Property Maintenance Committee plans to meet Wednesday to begin looking at ways to enforce the town’s property maintenance ordinance better.

Town Manager Tim Curtis would not say whether a specific property inspired the formation of the committee, which includes two members of the Board of Selectmen, Code Enforcement Officer Bobby Dunphy and Curtis. There are also two open seats for residents.

The Property Maintenance Ordinance was enacted in 2012. The committee’s establishment is a way to look at how successful it is. “Do we need to strengthen it? Do we need to come up with different strategies to enforce it? That’s pretty much the strategy behind it,” Curtis said.

There is no agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, which Curtis likened to a “brainstorming session.”

“Most communities run into this, I think, where you have some properties that have gone into foreclosure and it’s difficult to get hold of the bank that might be involved. When properties suffer an accident like a fire, it takes years for those properties to be repaired. I think that was the original intent of the ordinance, to find a way to clean up burned-out buildings, places that are in disrepair, places that have been abandoned. Is there a way to do that and expedite the process?” he said.

The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the Madison Town Office.

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