In response to the article “Readfield residents approve funding” (Sept. 2), I want to congratulate the Readfield select board and budget committee along with the special interest group for the results of their special town meeting.

All of them should be proud of the democratic way of government. If you don’t succeed the first time at the voting booth, then you just have to rewrite articles to bring them back until the minority wins.

Clearly this vote does not back up their reasoning of wanting to know why voters turned down some articles, as they all passed. How many special town meetings would we have had if things didn’t go the way of the minority group this time?

In June, the town had 693 voters come out to vote, and this special meeting had only 194 voters come out to decide the fate of the minority votes from June.

It’s time the elected officials learn the difference between majority and minority. This special meeting showed the majority voters that our votes don’t count, and that the select board, budget committee and special interest group that all agreed on bringing these items back get the vote to go their way.

This is not good governance by a long shot. Elected officials are supposed to represent the entire population in Readfield, not the minority. Shame on all of them.

Lenny Reay Jr.


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