I am thrilled to endorse Steve Soule as a candidate running for a seat on the Waterville City Council.

Steve is known to many of us in the Waterville/Winslow area as a great teacher, humanitarian, mentor, father and friend. Growing up together in Winslow, I watched him change from a quiet boy into a thoughtful, reasonable, honest and responsible adult.

His positive influence on countless numbers of local children during their school years is very apparent, as he still hears from and sees many of his former students, and enjoys listening to their success stories.

Steve’s poise under pressure is shown in how he remains calm in any situation, and his reasoning skills are second to none.

Steve’s contributions as a councilman in Waterville will bring a thoughtful and caring approach to Waterville politics.

Vote for Steve Soule. I promise that you will not regret this smart decision.

Cynthia Plante


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