As a child growing up during World War II, and now among the “oldest generation,” I completely understand the world’s reluctance in the 1930s to get involved in Germany’s invasion of other countries under Adolf Hitler. In 1938, with the War to End All Wars just 20 years behind them, another terrible war was unthinkable, and the people of the United States had no intention of becoming involved in another European war.

Now the world is facing another unthinkable situation, already being terrorized by fanatics greedy to rule the world, terrorizing those believing in peace and justice.

Some in this country fear that, like Great Britain in the 1930s, the world has waited too long to quash this evil. Once again, war seems a terrible last resort.

So, what do we do about the treaty with Iran? Have we procrastinated too long already? Are we going to be in the same boat the world was in 1938?

The New York Times on Sept. 8 ran a very informative ad signed by experts in the field of terrorism. The ad can be found online at The information in the ad gave me and, I suspect, others who believe that war is not the answer faith that the proposed treaty with Iran is the right way to go.

I hope that this information from people who understand the issues will help decide the final outcome, giving more time to work for justice and peace.

Mary R. Barnard


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