When I was a kid, Grampy would cut hay along the brooks after supper. We would cut the alders along the fence line and swamps. Now the takeover has graduated to a much larger scale, including milkweeds, sumacs and multifloral roses, just to name a few. These weeds and other vines are invading our livelihood. If we don’t do something in the near future, we will be driving through vine-covered tunnels.

Norma Jean, who I called Sister, and I were going up Whitten Road, trying to find the old granite pile where Grampy worked with his team. The old tollbooth is, of course, gone with only a glimpse of cars and trucks on the turnpike. Going down Maine Avenue by Browns Island, it’s hard to see the Kennebec River. Plus, our famous hiking trail is now in the tunnel stages.

I wish the owners would love our land by mowing pastures and abandoned properties.

Roger H. “Buckie” Lord Jr.


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