The greater Skowhegan and Pittsfield area household hazardous waste, E-waste, and unwanted medication collection is set for 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, Oct. 3, at the Skowhegan Transfer Station.

The collection will be the first time in the state of Maine that a municipality will access the new state Paint Care program for all paints recycling. Paint Care is a national organization developed for the collection and recycling of unwanted or unused paint that has been funded by a new Maine product stewardship law. Locations include the salt and sand shed on the transfer station/Steward Hill road in Skowhegan, and 601 Peltoma Ave. in Pittsfield.

KVCOG and participating towns have hired Environmental Projects to process and dispose of HHW from area residents. These items include old oil-based paint, gas, motor oil, pesticides, cleaners, pool chemicals, TVs, computers and other materials that are difficult to get rid of and could potentially harm people and pets.

KVCOG, in partnership with local law enforcement, will concurrently host the annual unwanted pharmaceutical collection with the goal of keeping medications out of the water table, lakes and rivers, and also out homes where they can lead to accidental poisoning or abuse.

Residents of Skowhegan, Solon, Anson, Bingham, Canaan, Madison, Pittsfield, Unity and Palmyra must preregister starting Monday, Sept. 21, at their town office to participate.

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