There’s one point in the Sept. 1 editorial (“Bottled water’s rise over soda a mixed blessing“) that I absolutely agree with: Water is the perfect way to quench one’s thirst, and it’s crucial for health. At Poland Spring, we support people finding their way to water whether it’s bottled, filtered or tap.

When people are on the go and tap water isn’t available, bottled water is the healthiest calorie-free packaged beverage option. It also has the lightest environmental footprint, and we’re doing our part to make it even smaller. Poland Spring is actively working on recycling programs, using less plastic and shortening truck trips. In 2009, we invested $60 million to build an environmentally conscious LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) bottling facility in Kingfield.

That’s just a portion of the more than half a billion dollars we’ve invested in Maine since 2000, while turning a rapidly renewable natural resource into nearly 800 good jobs for Mainers.

We’re also committed to protecting Maine’s water and to sustainable management of the state’s abundant natural resource. Our sources are managed by professionally trained and certified geologists and engineers who adhere to strict local, state and federal regulations.

I’m disappointed to see the editorial board’s comments about “slick marketing,” because it misrepresents consumer choice.

According to Beverage Marketing Corp., $670 million was spent marketing carbonated soft drinks in 2013. In contrast, the entire bottled water industry spent $61 million nationally. Ten times more money was poured into marketing carbonated soft drinks, and yet more consumers still choose to reach for water.

This is excellent news. People are drinking more water — both bottled and tap. No matter where consumers get their water, it’s important that they make healthy choices.

At Poland Spring, we’re proud to provide the healthiest, calorie-free and most environmentally friendly option of all packaged beverages.

Mark Dubois, a certified geologist, is natural resource manager for Poland Spring Water.

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