On Aug. 31, the newspaper published a letter of mine (“District attorney’s office insensitive to victims”) critical of the Kennebec County district attorney, Maeghan Maloney.

I was upset that her office had not responded to our requests to discuss the decision to waive prosecution in a dangerous dog case in which my wife and I had been attacked and I had been injured.

It is my pleasure to report Maloney called us the next morning and offered a credible explanation of why our calls had not been returned. She then spent the next half-hour talking to my wife and me about the dog’s attack on us. She got all the facts and said she would investigate further and get back to us. She was gracious and a good listener.

My wife and I are happy to be able to report that our faith in the criminal justice system has been re-affirmed. Regardless of how the case goes, we are confident that we have been heard and that things are in the hands of a competent and caring person.

David Doreau


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