In their Sept. 9 From The State House column, “Democrats are obstructing Riverview’s turnaround,” penned by Republican Reps. Deb Sanderson, of Chelsea, and Heather Sirocki, of Scarborough, they lament the blocking of Gov. Paul LePage’s efforts to improve care at Riverview by state Democrats and “onerous union work rules.”

The two devote the bulk of the column to their arguments to how Democrats at the state level are blocking LePage. However, they do not give the readers any details about the “onerous union work rules.”

I am curious to hear how union participation in a workplace affects health care at Riverview. Perhaps Sanderson and Sirocki could provide readers with more detail so we could judge if there is merit to their claim or if they’re just spouting union-bashing rhetoric.

Stephanie Irwin


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