I’ve been wanting to express my feelings about the Kim Davis case for awhile now. She returned to her job on Sept. 14.

Many people believe that she should resign her job because she refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. I say, why should she resign from her job? How can people not respect her for standing up for what she believes in?

She is against gay marriage because of her beliefs. I am not against gays. I know many gay people and have friends who are gay. But this isn’t about my beliefs, but hers.

When Davis was elected to her office, gay marriage was not legal in the state of Kentucky, and she probably thought it never would be. Now, all of a sudden, the law of the land has changed, and gay marriage is now legal. What wasn’t in her job description before now is.

I compare this to a health care professional who has a strong belief against suicide. All of a sudden, assisted suicide becomes legal. When the person was hired, participating in assisted suicide wasn’t in the job description. One day, however, this person is told he or she will be part of a team that is going to assist in a person’s suicide.

What is the person to do? The job is their livelihood, but they have strong beliefs against suicide. Should the person stand behind their beliefs and refuse? Or assist in the suicide against their beliefs? Or should the person quit their job? This is the dilemma in which Davis has found herself.

And, as footnote, I think it was wrong to have no bail set when they jailed her. Even some accused murderers can get out on bail.

Richard Loadwick


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