There was a time when Maine had a great Republican senator named Margaret Chase Smith. She was thoughtful and reviewed all matters. She voted for them primarily if they were going to benefit Maine and the people.

Now we have another Republican named Susan Collins, who follows the party to a fault. She voted against the Iran deal.

One should have read the column, “Iran nuclear deal an act of courage and compromise,” by David O. Solmitz, of Waterville, that appeared in the newspaper on Aug. 29. It makes a clear argument for the deal. If that is not enough, retired Sen. Richard A. Lugar has a strong opinion. While in the Senate, Lugar served on the Foreign Relations Committee, and I am sure Collins looked for his advice many times.

As a former senator, Lugar also has spoken in favor of the deal. What surprises me is that is not perfect, but it is better than no deal.

I wish Collins would think for Maine and not her standing in the party. She has five more years to prove herself before her term ends and she has to face the people of Maine again.

Tom Brazier


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