As vice chairman of the Augusta Historic Preservation Commission, I am asking residents of Augusta to support the proposed downtown historic district ordinance because:

• It will encourage property owners to enhance their property values. This action will result in increased opportunities for business and economic development that will result in expanded community development and interest in further growth by outside investors, small business owners relocating to Augusta, and other revitalization efforts.

• It has been demonstrated in many other communities within Maine and around the country that historic preservation ordinances result in significant economic growth, combat fire hazards, reduce criminal activity and enhance community image. These results encourage more families and businesses to relocate to the new historic districts. Examples of these changes can be seen in Lewiston, Saco, Bangor, Brunswick and Rockland, all of which have strong historic preservation ordinances and have seen a significant increase in revitalization efforts and economic development.

• Historic preservation efforts and the expansion of historic districts lead to increased business, social and recreational opportunities that result in desire of families and businesses to relocate to these districts.

I invite interested people to share their thoughts about this topic with me.

Andrew B. Loman, Augusta

Vice chairman, AHPC

[email protected]

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