Whatever happened to good manners?

Several times recently, I have seen absolute rudeness toward the bus drivers for KVCap. Why? Don’t we teach our children manners any more, or is it that they learn rudeness from us?

All over I see nothing but lack of manners, rudeness and no regard for others.

Let me share a story: A friend of mine got his first job because of his manners. He was competing against another person who seemed more qualified than he was, but they hired him, they said, because they liked his manners.

Men should realize that a real man has enough confidence in himself to show manners. They should ask women if there is anything more attractive in a man than confidence. It doesn’t hurt to have manners. They don’t make a man seem weak; they make him look strong.

To use a commercial from the 1980s: “Try it; you’ll like it.”

Ray Dostie


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