M.D. Harmon’s column concerning the pope’s mentioning the ongoing and awful “genocide” of Christians, in his holiness’s words, was more of a history of Christianity. Why didn’t Harmon mention the terrible Christian crusades?

Doesn’t he think people reading his comments should be made aware of both sides of medieval history? Well, probably not, because if we delve into it we see that the crusaders were as bad or in some cases probably worse than those following ISIS throughout the Middle East.

As a retired military officer, Harmon must surely know that the Golden Rule does not apply to armies. Turning the other cheek has no bearing on armies bent on killing each other. And then we add in the civilians caught up in this game of spreading democracy down the throats of other countries — even if they don’t want it. Just ask the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya and other operations.

This country was weaned on letting the other country take the first punch and then look out. But what did the above-mentioned countries do to us?

It is and has always been my fervent hope and prayer that peace will some day prevail, but I don’t count on it — even with the pope in our corner.

Frank D. Slason


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