When my friend called to tell me to read the headline of an article in last Sunday’s Local Section of the newspaper, it didn’t take me long to find the mistake she’d noted there. It read: “Arrests made in burglary skein.”

The word “skein” was used here when “scheme” or “scam” should have been. Schemes and scams are crimes perpetrated by those who prey on innocent people. Rope, yarn and twine are sold by the skein, a unit of measure. Though it seems that schemes and scams have little in common with skeins of yarn, they do all unravel over time. That’s what happened in this story.

It’s been estimated that the recovery of more than $200,000 worth of stolen property and damages to many businesses was the result of a crime spree that had been reported over the spring and summer. Two perpetrators are now in custody and one more suspect is believed to still be on the run. This is all because of the diligence of the police men and women of our state, led by Steve McCausland. I applaud their diligence and thank them for the good work they do to protect us.

Alice L. Flagg and Caro Kaiser


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