The huge El Faro ship sunk in Hurricane Joaquin. By now, all hope is lost of survivors.

We see photos of the young capable crew. Our hearts break for the family members, including Maine Maritime in Castine.

Why did this happen? Were there no weather forecasts? We in Maine respect and expect bad weather. Maybe this unusual storm was a fluke.

We know nothing about the vessel’s owner, TOTE Marine Services. From the time we are young we learn that “time is money,” but certainly a couple of extra days to get that cargo of 391 containers and 294 cars to Puerto Rico wouldn’t have cost so dearly.

The El Faro engine stopped, and it drifted into Joaquin’s path. What do our military craft have for back-up engines? Shouldn’t these also be on cargo ships?

Maybe insurance holders for ships like El Faro should have a contract clause: Insurance will not be paid if ship is in hurricane path. Our weather prediction abilities are superior today. According to these saddened armchair quarterbacks, this accident shouldn’t have happened.

Heidi Chadbourne

and Lawrence Merckens


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