The Waterville area is my home. I grew up here, and last year I moved back into an apartment on Sherwin Street. I’ve always believed in volunteering and wanted to give back to my community. I wanted to help others make the neighborhood a better place for everyone.

I was encouraged to check out the South End Neighborhood Association. That’s where I met Jackie Dupont. As chairwoman of SENA, Jackie is a thoughtful, organized and down-to-earth leader.

She’s running to do exactly what she’s always done: to listen, advocate and work with people for tangible change and craft solutions everyone can live with. Jackie is exactly the kind of person I want on City Council. She cares what other people think and values compromise. She gives back.

I urge others to join me in voting for Jackie Dupont for Ward 7 City Council on Nov. 3.

Irving Gilbert


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