Once more and yet again, we find that the lead story on front pages of newspapers, the main fodder for the media, the sad duty of news anchors, revolves around the mass murder of students.

Has the praiseworthy act of a young person who chooses to attempt to educate themselves now become a possible death warrant? Harsh words, yes, but, this is how it seems. I could list a litany of occasions, compile statistics, sound the bell for the many who have died at the hand of someone with guns they should not have had, pursuing some inner anger that manifests itself in senseless slaughter of lives.

What is the main cause? Guns. Regardless of those who would give specious opposing argument, it is the gun and the easy availability that is the reason.

Time and again, time and again, time and again — this has happened. And, we do nothing. We weep, we deplore, we commiserate with each other; and then, we go about our business and it happens again. Because we do nothing.

It is time to do something. Before it is your son, your grandson, your sister or brother or mother or father. And then you will cry and wail for one who will never come back. The dead are dead forever.

Certain factions will rail against this, say that it isn’t the guns; that we need more guns, that everyone should be armed, that it is our God-given right to have and bear arms. Is it our God-given right to kill children? Who will do something? Will you?

Frederic Browne, Richmond

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