Gov. Paul LePage recently added the proposed North Woods National Park to the list of things he opposes.

To cinch his argument, he noted that the land being offered (free) for the park has been cut over. LePage added that if people want to see beautiful trees, they should visit Baxter State Park.

The governor apparently is unaware that much of the land in Baxter State Park had been cut over when former Gov. Percy Baxter bought it. Some of the land was even cut over after he bought it, as part of the deal. That is why the land was for sale cheap — very cheap compared to land prices today.

Trees can grow and become beautiful, if given a chance. That is one of the features that make national parks special and one reason why they become so popular after they are established.

Jon Lund, Hallowell

Editor’s note: The writer is a former member of the Baxter State Park Authority.

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