It appears that the travesty of the LePage administration has reached biblical proportions. Drenched in controversy, there’s no way to rectify this situation and move forward in the next three years. It is delusional to imagine a forecast calling for anything but more of the same.

Recently, Gov. Paul LePage asked Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, to step down from the Government Oversight Committee — hinting at “retaliation.” Should Katz be scared or intimidated — like those six Republicans who switched their vote on the Land For Maine’s Future bill? Fine line between a governor and a godfather. Some have questioned the governor’s sanity; I do.

LePage’s victory last November notwithstanding, does he think that — given the antics of the past 10 months — he’d prevail again? Pundits everywhere have most accurately stated that his “political capital,” which could have been cultivated, has been obliterated. Squandered by continuing the deluge of illiterate bombast, sophomoric stunts (think squeaky little pig) and now overt threats of “retaliation.”.

It is time for those closest to the governor to have a serious heart-to-heart conversation. Perhaps his wife, Ann, once described to me “as good and decent a person as you’ll ever meet.” Maybe spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett or adviser Brent Littlefield. Won’t someone please speak up? Nobody’s career — much less Maine itself — will benefit one iota by continuing this pointless discourse any longer.

It’s time for a reasonable, rational and merciful transitioning.

Buddy Doyle


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