OK, the nation is aging, and we have the highest per capita of elderly folks in Maine. Like Chicken Little, Republicans in Congress cry that the sky is falling on Social Security because fewer people are paying in than taking out because of the country’s aging population.

But they have no intention of repaying the Social Security trust fund for loans to cover the cost of war and other pork projects in their respective districts.

Right-wing Republicans advocate for the privatizing of Social Security, which may go the way of inflated health insurance premiums.

The same group rails against the immigration of foreign and asylum doctors and health care professionals, who would not only reduce the cost of health care but also would pay into the Social Security system, helping to ensure its future.

Isn’t it time for us to get off the couch, vote some of these lifer, right-wing politicians out of office, and encourage a fast-paced screening of immigration of foreigners to fill unfilled vacancies, and to enhance health care for Americans while increasing payments into the Social Security program from a younger population?

Patrick Eisenhart


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