The New England Patriots are reputably the best NFL team — ever. The combination of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady has been primarily responsible for the team’s success, despite Brady’s one-year hiatus because of injury.

Joe Montana’s 49ers were the previous NFL golden boys. Montana got a break, though, since he had Jerry Rice as his longtime receiver, year after year. Brady has had no such advantage, except the memorable unbeaten season with Randy Moss as his receiver.

Imagine what the Patriots’ record would be with a receiver of the caliber of Moss or Rice for many years — ten championships comes to mind.

The Patriots football domination is reminiscent of the Boston Celtics basketball run and the New York Yankees in baseball in the mid-20th century.

That the Patriots did as well as they did without a long-term receiver of superior ability gives one an idea of the team’s greatness.

William Durocher


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