As mayor, I often wished that there was a more progressive council with which to work. This Nov. 3, there is an opportunity to create that council with candidates Steve Soule, Ward 1 and Jackie Dupont, Ward 7.

Steve has worked for years making a difference for teens in Waterville as the head of the city’s Teen Center, and he understands the importance of keeping an open mind. As mayor, I loved visiting the center, listening to the kids talk about how they wanted to get a job and stay in Waterville after graduating. Steve understands the important part the city’s young people can play in our future and is working to be sure they feel connected and engaged in a positive way.

Jackie has been working in the South End for more than 10 years. As a VISTA volunteer for Hardy Girls, she even managed to buy a house there, which is a true testament to her understanding about how to manage money.

She has been a tireless leader in the South End Neighborhood Association, and the Community Land Trust, and Jackie is well-known for her support of the many activities designed to make that neighborhood safe and affordable.

I was an advocate for at-large voting when the city charter was being changed. Unfortunately, that change was not made, so I can’t vote for either of those candidates for council, but the residents of Wards 1 and 7 can. For a prosperous, future-oriented Waterville, I urge them to do so.

Karen Heck


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