I have encountered some belligerence and hostility from a postal service employee regarding installation of a new mailbox. I am 73 years old, and physically unable to comply with the requirement.

I do have the funds to hire someone to do the work. There are, however, disabled and elderly impoverished folks who can’t afford the cost or fear putting up with the postal services hostility or can’t live with threats to have their mail services ended. If this mean-spirited and disrespectful worker is the new face of the postal service, then its obsolescence curve is steeper than their managers may believe. There are other options than the postal service to pay bills, keep in contact with friends and mail confidential material.

I was once a staunch supporter of the postal service as an institution in a strong democracy. Privatization is now looking like a stronger, friendlier and service-oriented option.

Gary Rasmussen


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