The new law that says people don’t need a concealed weapon permit really scares me.

In 1966, while in high school, I joined a rifle club, whose rules and lessons were based on National Rifle Association educational standards. In 2003, I took an NRA course that qualified me to apply for a concealed weapon permit.

Now, however, anyone older than 21 can carry a concealed weapon without ever learning how to safely load, aim or shoot a firearm.

When I applied for a concealed weapon permit, it included a check to see if I had any record of criminal or mental health issues. Even though I don’t have to anymore, I still plan to renew my “carry permit” when it expires in December.

God forbid, if I ever have to raise my weapon against another person, I don’t want anyone to confuse me with the emotionally disturbed criminal with a concealed weapon I’d probably be aiming at.

With all of its political carryings-on, people forget that the NRA once was famous for its firearms training and safety programs for Boy Scouts and after-school gun clubs.

Robert Gross


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