I spent my whole career serving the state of Maine, and continue to spend much of my time following issues at the State House. This session, I was particularly interested in a bond the Legislature approved to invest $15 million in affordable housing for older Mainers.

I testified in support of the housing bond before the Appropriations Committee, and personally spoke with legislators to urge them to vote in favor of the housing bond. They voted yes, and now it’s our turn to vote yes.

I am fortunate to have an affordable apartment in downtown Hallowell. The places I go to frequently are just a walk or short drive away, including the State House. If something is too far away, I either have to find a friend to carpool with or I simply can’t go.

Like many Mainers across the state, I’ve rented an apartment for most of my life. A few years ago, my building changed hands and the rent increased to an amount that I could no longer afford. I was lucky because I didn’t have to wait very long for an affordable option to become available.

This isn’t the case for many older Mainers, 9,000 of whom are on waiting lists for a home like mine — one that is affordable on a retirement income, accessible for daily tasks such as bringing my groceries inside, and close to a safe and pedestrian-friendly downtown.

I urge others to join me in vote yes on Question 2 on the statewide ballot to invest in homes for older Mainers. They shouldn’t have to wait.

Rena Heath


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