What is the Maine Republican Party?

Is it the party of tantrums and enemies and revenge?

Is it the party that blames Maine’s problems on refugees, people fleeing oppression who are in this country legally and need our help?

Is it the party that wastes taxpayer money on phony reports and needless lawsuits and failing to get Riverview Psychiatric Center accredited?

Is it the party that refuses to accept hundreds of millions in federal Medicaid money that would improve the health of Mainers and help our struggling hospitals?

Is it the party that is trying to sell us the fantasy that Maine can slash income taxes for the rich without losing needed services or driving up the property tax for everyone?

Is it, in other words, the party of Paul LePage?

Or …

Are Maine Republicans the party of Margaret Chase Smith and Olympia Snowe — and Roger Katz and Tom Saviello?

Do they work in reasonable, effective ways to improve Maine’s future?

Will they challenge LePage’s excesses and fantasies?

We’re all waiting to find out.

Stan Davis


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